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How to Get Rid of My Double Chin (Kybella vs. CoolSculpting)

Get Rid of Double Chin Kybella vs CoolSculpting

Kybella treatment utilizes a brand name prescription medication that is used to remove fat from under the chin. This injectable medication is now one of several non-surgical options for those looking to remove fat from specific areas of their bodies. Other names for this medication include Belkyra, Celluform Plus, and cholanoic acid.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a type of cosmetic procedure that removes the fat from below the chin. Eliminating fat from this area can be tricky to accomplish with diet and exercise alone, and it’s not uncommon for excess fat to gather in this area as we age. For some individuals, fat removal from under the chin helps improve their confidence and overall appearance.

The Kybella procedure has FDA approval and is the only approved treatment for removing fat from under the chin specifically. The Kybella treatment can also be used to remove fat from around the jawline, which can help reduce the overall appearance of a double chin.

The appearance of a double chin is a problem for individuals of all ages, and targeting this area was previously done with liposculpture. Kybella is more successful at sculpting the chin and jaw area and leaves a tighter and more youthful appearance with limited pain and side effects.

If you are considering having fat removed from your chin, neck, or jaw area, the Kybella treatment requires that you first have a consultation to discuss your specific goals and how much fat you want to remove.

Kybella is a prescription medication that is well suited for treating moderate to severe fat under the chin area and also referred to as submental fat. This medicine has not been tested to see if it is safe for fat removal in other areas, but it is a potentially more reliable alternative to plastic surgery with fewer side effects.

How Does the Kybella Procedure Work?

The Kybella treatment starts with a consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. During this time, your healthcare provider will go over the changes you would like to make and help determine how the procedure can best apply in your situation. Understanding how Kybella works can also help you manage your expectations during and after the procedure.

The Kybella medication injects under the skin in your chin, neck, or jaw area, and several treatments may be required to achieve the look you desire. Kybella is composed of deoxycholic acid which is also called cholanoic acid and goes by several other brand names.

This acid is one of the metabolic byproducts of human intestinal bacteria and is one of the secondary bile acids naturally found in our bodies. The price of Kybella treatment ranges widely like most cosmetic treatments, but the majority of people will need three treatments spaced four to six weeks apart for best results.

The number of treatments required and the amount of medication used will depend on the amount of fat that needs removal. The deoxycholic acid works by dissolving the fat in the area where it is injected, and side effects may include:


  • Swelling
  • Localized numbness
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Small firm areas


The FDA also warns that there is a slight chance of nerve injury in the jaw area, which may result in weakened facial muscles or an uneven smile, and in some cases, additional trouble swallowing. Results from this procedure often emerge very gradually over time and may take several weeks to develop fully.


Recovery and Post Treatment Care

Any side effects that a patient experiences from Kybella are generally mild and resolve completely in one to two weeks. The recovery from Kybella is minimal for most patients, and overall downtime will vary from one individual to another.

Some patients feel localized soreness or numbness for a few days, while others will experience symptoms for a week or so. This soreness and bruising may require minimal changes to your daily routine for the first few days.

After your Kybella treatment, you’ll want to avoid vigorous or demanding exercise for the first three to five days. You’ll also want to stay out of the sun as much as possible and out of hotter temperatures during that period.

Additionally, it’s best to avoid taking certain medications like aspirin, ginkgo Biloba, Motrin, flax oil, vitamin A and E, garlic, cod liver oil, and other essential fatty acids for the first three to seven days. These substances may increase the amount of bruising or bleeding that you experience after the procedure.

Before the procedure, it’s best if you avoid alcohol, niacin, caffeine, high sodium foods, excess sugar, spicy food, refined carbohydrates, and cigarettes for a day or two to minimize the amount of swelling or irritation after the procedure. Before discontinuing your medications, it’s best to consult with your physician.

You may be asked to reschedule your Kybella appointment if you develop a cold or flu, or if you have skin issues in the area that need treatment. Blemishes, rashes, skin irritations, sunburn, and scar tissue can complicate this procedure and may negatively impact your results.

Swelling from this treatment is caused by the medication breaking down fat cells, and icing this area frequently over the first twenty-four hours may help to drastically reduce this swelling. Some reports have stated that the swelling peaks after a few days, and ultimately will go away within a month.

Warm compresses over the injection sites may also provide some relief, and wearing a chin strap for compression can also help. You should ask your healthcare provider what over the counter pain medications they recommend as you recover, and what over the counter antihistamine will work best.

When you feel able, it’s a good idea to gently massage the area and apply ice packs or warm compresses as often as you think you need them. If you experience excessive swelling, trouble swallowing, or swelling that doesn’t go down within a month, you should contact your healthcare provider.

How Does Kybella Compare to CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, like Kybella, is a permanent treatment that reduces unwanted fat in specific areas. CoolSculpting uses an advanced form of cooling technology that doesn’t damage the skin but is also non-invasive.

CoolSculpting sessions last between thirty and sixty minutes and can be used to treat fat in different parts of the body such as the chin, arms, midsection, thighs, flanks, and knees. With a single treatment, patients can see an apparent reduction in the fat present that can amount to as much as twenty to thirty percent.

Like Kybella, CoolSculpting will require multiple treatments to achieve the best results, and two or three sessions are typically needed. The sessions can be spaced out anywhere from three weeks to twelve weeks, and most recommendations suggest that you schedule treatments at least two weeks before any vacations.

The CoolSculpting treatment comes with a minimal amount of swelling in the week following the session, and because the skin is not damaged, patients can readily return to their regular routines immediately.

The results patients can expect from Kybella and CoolSculpting are very comparable, and both will remove or significantly reduce the appearance of a double chin and excess fat around the neck and jaw area. Both treatments do come with some swelling after the procedure, but this is usually mild and only slightly bothersome to most patients.

One difference between CoolSculpting and Kybella is that Kybella is a more customized treatment that can target particular areas. Kybella is also best for mild to moderate submental fat reduction, but it’s approved to handle severe fat reduction as well. In the case of substantial fat reduction, CoolSculpting may be more cost-effective as it requires fewer sessions.

CoolSculpting is better for removing more substantial areas of submental fat, and it also doesn’t use needles during the procedure. While CoolSculpting may be more cost-effective for some patients, it doesn’t guarantee the same results as Kybella for all cases.

The best way to establish which procedure is best for you is to have a consultation with a healthcare professional the specializes in these kinds of treatments.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering having fat removed from under your chin and around your neck and jaw area, it’s best to start with a consultation so you can get an expert opinion on the best treatment for your needs. Many patients will select one procedure over another based on the recovery, side effects, and the number of sessions required.


Cost is another factor to consider, and for some patients, CoolSculpting may be the more cost-effective procedure that also doesn’t require the use of needles. However, one downside to CoolSculpting is that it doesn’t offer the same level of accuracy as Kybella, and instead delivers more broad strokes when it comes to fat reduction.


Kybella and CoolSculpting are not treatments for weight loss, but they can help reduce small pockets of fat in different areas of the body. Kybella has approval from the FDA for use under the chin and along the jaw, but CoolSculpting has FDA approval for use in multiple locations on the body.


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