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IPL Photofacial – Say Goodbye to brown spots on your face!

Say goodbye to sun damaged, rosacea, hyperpigmentation or any pigmentation irregularities. With our innovative IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy, skin rejuvenation is now easier than ever. Have you ever wondered how to get rid of brown spots on your face? A photofacial is a short procedure in which IPL is used to penetrate deep into the skin. This light causes blood vessels and collagen underneath the epidermis (top layer of skin) to constrict. This constriction leaves the skin with a reduction in redness and age lines. This procedure is amazing because it allows a patient to experience little to no discomfort, and the swelling and redness from the treatment disappear shortly after. If you have botchy, sun-damaged, or discolored skin, large pores, freckles or wrinkles you will almost certainly benefit from a photofacial at Spa MD.

The Best Photofacial in Minneapolis/St. Paul

When you come in for a consultation for a photofacial our expert clinicians will take great care in assessing your needs. We go through a thorough explination on the benefits of a photofacial. We will then go through a thorough assessment and make sure that all of your questions are answered. Once you have decided that a photofacial is right for you, we will schedule the procedure! At SpaMD we use the latest technology in laser care and our photofacial’s are no different.

Photofacial IPL:
Brown Spots and skin redness be gone!

After one session clients, should expect to see and feel younger healthier looking skin. Brown spots will reveal themselves on the skins surface, and then they will fall away as part of the skins natural healing process. Your skin and pores will begin to feel and look tighter, and wrinkles will begin to fade away and decrease in size. Skin redness, facial flushing and redness will also all subside. There is no downtime with a photofacial, so you can return to work, school, or any other leisurely activities you can find to do after your treatment.

All photofacial benefits include:

Can be used on the face and body

The benefits of Photo facials far outweigh the risks (extremely minimal) and cover almost the entire spectrum of cosmetic dermatology.

The Treatment can eradicate sun spots or other pigmentation irregularities.

The treatment can combat acne problems and eliminate large pores.

IPL is excellent at treating rosacea and helps diffuse redness.

IPL has also been known to help with skin texture.

New Clients:

$35 deposit for all new clients

Cancellation/No Show Policy:

$35 fee for all no show, no call and any cancellations less than 24hrs before the start of your appointment.
Any prepaid services will be forfeited.

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