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June 26, 2017
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Enjoy Lasting Beauty with Kybella

Kybella: Before and After
Kybella: Before and After

This is a lovely shot of before and after a Kybella procedure!

More than two-thirds of the U.S. population is distressed by having a “double chin.” Medical professionals have offered numerous solutions to reduce or eliminate the condition, including suggested exercises or surgery. In 2015, the FDA approved a fat-dissolving drug, Kybella, that achieves a long-lasting result similar to surgery (a reduction in the size of the double chin) without the need for the surgical intervention.
Double Chins are Common
In a 2015 study by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), more that 65 percent of all survey respondents reported “being bothered” by excess fat under the chin and on the neck. The commonly known “double chin” is an uncomfortable reality for millions of people, who can’t seem to lose it despite dieting and exercises designed to reduce or at least minimize the condition.
Technically, the condition is not a truly “doubled” chin. Internally, a layer of fat lies between the musculature of the neck and the skin, and its depth and breadth are the cause of the swelling that is called a double chin. In overweight people, weight loss can reduce or eliminate the condition. However, many double chin sufferers can’t change the padded appearance of their chin or neck because the condition is genetic, or has developed with age.

Genetics – How your body looks is determined by the genetics you inherited from your parents and ancestors. If your double chin is an inherited feature, you may find images of it in photos of your grandparents or extended family.

Age-related – As the body ages, its tissues reflect both that passage of time and the effect of gravity. As aging skin loses its elasticity, the pull of gravity causes it to sag and the tissues and muscles underneath sag along with it. Under the chin, the sag produces a pocket of fat-filled flesh called a “submental fullness” which resembles a second chin.

Kybella Dissolves the Underlying Layer of Fat
The FDA approved Kybella in part because it is identical to deoxycholic acid, which naturally occurs in the body and absorbs fat. When injected into pockets of fat, the chemical destroys the fat, reducing the overall size of the pocket.
For patients not willing to undergo surgery, Kybella offers an excellent option to reduce their double chin painlessly and, in many cases, permanently.
What to Expect
During Treatment
A Kybella treatment lasts about 15 minutes and consists of the injection of several Kybella shots into the skin under the chin. Treatments are scheduled a month apart and can continue for as many as six months. The number of treatments needed to fulfill the patient’s expectations depends on the nature of the condition in that patient. In general, patients report seeing improvements after two to three treatments.
After Treatment
Kybella patients experience long-lasting results from the treatment because Kybella destroys the excess fat cells that cause the appearance of their double chin. And, because those fat cells do not regenerate, after treatment, there are no excess fat cells available to expand and recreate the condition.
Since its introduction, Kybella has proven its worth by eliminating the double chin condition of millions of patients.

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