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What You Should Expect With Your First Botox Treatment

Your First Botox Treatment

Botox has gone through quite the transformation over the years. Many of us still have the image of stretched faces and wide-eyed celebrities burned into our minds. But now, Botox has taken on a new shape, a new form that is almost unrecognizable to the untrained eye. Chances are you have run across someone in the past day or two that has undergone a Botox treatment and didn’t even know it. 

Myths About Botox

There are a ton of misconceptions about Botox, we get it. Too many cheap or botched procedures have gone viral, and Googling what could go wrong will only leave you with nightmares. We’ve all heard some of these myths, like how you won’t be able to stop smiling, or even smile at all. Maybe you’ve heard that it’s incredibly painful or that you’ll lose all feeling. 

We’ve also heard things about how Botox isn’t safe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Botox has undergone thousands of research studies and has been approved by the FDA as a successful treatment. As long as it is administered by a qualified professional — Botox is completely safe. 

One of the more ridiculous myths we’ve come across is that Botox will build up and accumulate up in your body. No, this does not happen. Your nerves impulses regenerate after a few months which is why you’ll have to attain re-treatment if you want to keep the desired look. 

It’s hard to run across these tall tales and not think: “Well, maybe they’re true?” But, a little research or a discussion with a professional will put your mind at ease. 

How Does Botox Actually Work? 

Actually, it’s a pretty interesting and incredible process. Botox works by inhibiting the movements that would normally cause creases, which eventually lead to fine lines or wrinkles. It’s a neurological process at heart. 

It restricts muscle contractions by stopping signals from the brain to the muscles. Because of this, the muscles that are affected by an injection site are unable to contract. This does a few things. It stops future wrinkles from forming by preventing the muscles from creating creases. And, it also takes care of current wrinkles by allowing them to soften and relax. 

The Different Types of Botox

There are actually three different types of Botox injections. Figuring out which one works for you should be discussed with a practitioner. Each one has its own pros and cons, and getting the right fit for your needs is all about communication. There is Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. 

The main differences between the three are in their formulation which will affect how much it spreads, the dosage, and how quickly you’ll see or feel results. Keep in mind that everyone’s body reacts differently, but below are some general findings related to the three different types of injectables. 


Typically, Botox effects take 2 days – a week to show up and usually lasts up to 4 months


Dysport usually takes roughly 2-3 days to kick in and also lasts up to 4 months. 


Xeomin takes a bit longer, and takes effect after about 3-4 days and typically lasts up to 3 months. 

All of these treatments cost roughly the same amount, so figuring out which works best for you is really up to your consulting professional and yourself. Take the time to do some research, ask around with those that have had experiences, and try it for yourself! 

What To Expect

Alright, so you’ve decided that Botox is worth it and you’re ready to give it a try. Well, hopefully, we’ve put your mind at ease with some of the common myths and misconceptions floating around but we’re sure you’d still like to know what exactly you’re getting into. 

Well, we’re going to double down on our theme of communication because it’s crucial. Most practitioners nowadays aren’t going to stiffen you up a ridiculous amount, but if you’re paranoid like most of us were the first time — you can always say something about how you want it to look natural. Make sure they are experienced and don’t go for the budget option — your face isn’t something that needs a sale. 

A common strange effect that happens is that you won’t really be able to frown. It sounds strange, but it’s not all that weird. No, you won’t be some frozen-faced zombie woman that can’t express emotion. Most of our emotion comes from our eyes and our brows — so you’ll be able to give your signature scowl whenever necessary. 

If you’re worried about pain, rest assured it’s nothing major. We’re not going to lie to you though, there will be some discomfort. You are receiving a series of injections after all. But just like with a vaccine, it will be over before you know it. 

We mentioned it in the different types of Botox injections, but this isn’t a one and done solution. If you like how you looked, you’ll need to schedule appointments every 3-4 months to keep it up. This is a good thing because while Botox is just a temporary solution, it is only temporary. This means if you didn’t really like the look, it will go away — no harm is done. 

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