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Popular Lip Injection Myths Resolved

Many skincare procedures and treatments are paired with rumors and myths that have surfaced over the years. Lip injections are a minimally invasive procedure that has little to no complications, and both men and women have found confidence in receiving these treatments. It’s encouraged to do ample research about the procedure, the types of products used, and the professional that will be performing your treatment. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the effects of aging and add natural volume to your lips, lip injections are an excellent option.

Myth #1: You Are Too Young or Old for Fillers

Lip injections have slowly become more popular over the years, and individuals of all ages use lip fillers. Today, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are. Many turn to lip injections to prevent or slow down the effects of aging – fine lines and wrinkles. Others choose lip injections to intensify the area and enhance features by adding volume. The solution that is most commonly injected is hyaluronic acid, which helps stimulate and encourage collagen production. Hyaluronic acid is a chemical compound that is already present in the body, but it slowly diminishes as you age, leading to signs of aging. Individuals over age 21 are eligible to receive lip injections. Men and women, ages 20-30, have turned to this procedure to get the appearance they’ve always wanted.

Myth #2: Lip Fillers Don’t Look Natural, and People Can Tell

Ultimately, the success of your lip injections is reliant on the skills of the professional performing the procedure. Before moving forward with lip injections, it’s encouraged to do thorough research and make sure the doctor you’ve chosen is experienced and fully knowledgeable of what they’re doing. Many individuals have cultivated this myth due to lip injections outcomes seen online, but frequently these examples are dramatized and false. If lip injections are done correctly, the results will hardly be noticeable to the receiving individual, let alone the average passerby. If you’re choosing to get lip injections, you’ll have a say in the results, such as the size and fullness. Lip injections are not meant to jump in size; they’re meant to subtly increase the fullness and provide the patient with more confidence. You won’t experience a decrease in your ability to make expressions or a different feel than regular lips.

Myth #3: You Must Keep up With Fillers, or Your Lips Will Stretch Out

Since hyaluronic acid already naturally exists in our bodies as a lubricant for joints and muscles, injecting the filler into your lips won’t have a negative effect, such as stretching or deflating. The chemical actually stimulates collagen production, meaning your lips will become tighter and more elastic. The results of lip injections can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the amount of filler used and where it’s placed. With this, your body’s natural enzymes dissolve the filler over this time frame, and what’s left thickens your skin’s dermis or the outermost layer of your skin. The dermis must stay thick and healthy to reduce the effects of fine lines and wrinkles.

Myth #4: Lip Fillers Increase the Risk of Cold Sores and Scars

As lip injections have continued to grow in popularity, there have been no reports of scarring or cold sores caused by this procedure. Your skincare professional only uses sterile injections meaning the needles are single-use and packaged in a pre-sealed, sterile package. Cold sores can arise in the area that was recently injected because the body is reacting to the injection itself. Still, most commonly, individuals that experience cold sores after a procedure have a history of cold sores. While lip injections are minimally invasive, the procedure is still stressful for your body, which can cause cold sores for individuals that already experience them. If you are predisposed to cold sores, it’s encouraged to consult with a doctor to get a prescription of antiviral medication to help reduce the risk of having an outbreak.

Myth #5: Any Filler Will Work in the Lips

As mentioned previously, it’s vital to do thorough research on the skincare professional you have chosen for your procedure to make sure they are qualified, have extensive experience, and are fully knowledgeable when it comes to lip injections. There are unlicensed providers out there who use unapproved materials, which results in a “botched” job. The FDA has approved numerous brand name injections with hyaluronic acid such as Restylane® and JUVÉDERM®. These are the products you should look for when choosing your skincare professional. Some products should not be put in the lips as longer-acting, or permanent fillers are not reversible and require surgery to remove. Fillers for lips that include hyaluronic acid are all safe and reversible.

Make Your Appointment Today

The myths discussed above are some of the most popular speculations the consumer market has made regarding lip injections today. There are many credited sources that you can access to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this procedure. If you’re looking for a procedure to reduce the effects of aging and add volume to your lips, lip injections are an outstanding option that both men and women enjoy today. Be sure to schedule a consult with your skincare professional to be sure you’re a qualified candidate and resolve any hesitations you may have regarding the treatment.

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