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Natural Creams and Scrubs You Should Try

Using natural skincare products can help reduce irritation, redness, and breakouts. You should explore natural face creams and other similar products if you experience allergic reactions with traditional skincare products or want to reduce your environmental impact. Here is what you need to know about natural creams and scrubs.

The Best Natural Face Creams

The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than on your body. It’s more likely to become irritated or dry if you expose it to harsh chemicals.

You need to use face cream on a daily basis to hydrate and soothe your skin. Here are some ingredients to look for if you want to use a natural product:

  • Look for organic sources of moisture like coconut oil or argan oil.
  • Opt for a fragrance-free product since most fragrances are synthetic.
  • Oatmeal and aloe vera are natural ingredients that soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.
  • Kaolin clay can absorb skin oil and prevent breakouts.
  • Natural sources of Vitamin A and C will support skin health.
  • Tea tree oil is an excellent natural remedy against acne.
  • Choose a cream with a lightweight formula that will be easy to apply and won’t clog pores.

If possible, choose a face cream with SPF protection to prevent sun damage. You can also mix your face cream with some sunscreen.

Choose a natural face cream adapted to your skin type. Some heavy ingredients like coconut or argan oil will moisturize your skin but might not be ideal if you have oily or combination skin. You might also need a cream that addresses a specific skincare concern like breakouts, discoloration, aging, or rosacea.

You can make your own organic face cream with these ingredients:

  • Shea butter
  • Almond oil
  • Beeswax
  • Essential oils of your choice

These ingredients have hydrating and anti-aging effects, and you can adjust the shea butter to beeswax ratio depending on how nourishing you want the cream to be.

The Benefits Natural Face Scrubs

Using a face scrub helps eliminate dead skin cells. It’s something you should do once a week to prevent dead skin cells from clogging your pores and help healthy skin cells surface. Using a scrub will make your skin feel smooth and can give you a youthful appearance by stimulating collagen production.

Scrubbing can slow down aging and help you get rid of hyperpigmentation, age spots, small scars, and blemishes.

However, most store-bought exfoliators contain plastic microbeads. These small plastic beads can scratch and damage your skin. They will eventually end up in water reserves since they are very difficult to filter. Some products also contain chemicals that make your skin feel clean and smooth, but that can cause irritation.

The good news is that you can make natural face scrubs with a few simple ingredients. Replace plastic microbeads with coffee grounds or sugar. Use a few drops of coconut oil or lemon juice to form a paste that you can apply to your skin. Apply this paste on clean skin, rub in circular motions for a few minutes, and rinse.

Organic Body Creams

Natural creams and scrubs shouldn’t be limited to your face. A lot of body creams contain harmful ingredients, including petroleum, fragrances, artificial colors, and harsh chemicals.

Organic body creams are safer alternatives since they contain natural ingredients that haven’t been exposed to pesticides and other chemicals. These creams can hydrate your skin, nourish your skin cells with essential vitamins, and promote collagen production without introducing any toxins in your system.

If you want an organic product that will hydrate your skin, we recommend using a body butter like shea butter or cocoa butter. Aloe vera gel is another option to consider if you want a product that will soothe and hydrate your skin. If your body cream or butter is too rich, dilute it with some rosewater to prevent breakouts.

Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells with Organic Body Scrubs

Organic body scrubs will help you get rid of dead skin cells and correct imperfections. Your entire body will feel smooth, and you will find that stimulating a new layer of skin cells gives your skin a healthy glow.

If you decide to purchase a body scrub, pay attention to the ingredients used. Look for organic certifications and avoid products that use plastic microbeads.

You can also make a DIY body scrub at home with a few ingredients. You can experiment with ingredients and try new things. The skin on your body is less likely to be sensitive than your face, which means you can experiment with essential oils.

Sugar, sand, and coffee grounds are viable alternatives to plastic microbeads. You can mix these ingredients with a few drops of grapeseed oil, tea tree oil, or coconut oil.

If you want to get rid of discoloration and improve your skin tone, add a few drops of lemon juice to your scrub.

You can add crushed fruits to your body scrub to nourish your skin with vitamins. If you want to cleanse your pores, mix some organic clay with sugar or sand. Apply the mixture like a regular body scrub, and let the clay dry. The clay will cleanse the inside of your pores.

Natural Ways of Stimulating Collagen Production

Collagen is a protein that your skin cells produce naturally. Collagen production makes your skin look healthy and youthful.

As you age, collagen production decreases. Low collagen levels can contribute to the appearance of wrinkles and lines. A lack of collagen can also make your skin appear dry.

There are natural creams and scrubs you can use to support collagen production. Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C can stimulate collagen production. You can use slices of lemon, orange, or tomatoes as a natural skin mask, or crush these ingredients into a homemade cream or scrub to boost collagen production.

You can also increase collagen levels by introducing foods rich in protein and Vitamin C to your diet. Hydrating and scrubbing your skin regularly will make a difference since these two things support skin cell health.

How to Research the Products You Buy

You can make some creams and scrubs at home with a few natural ingredients, or look for brands that offer organic skincare products. Here are a few things to keep in mind when researching natural skincare brands:

  • Read the labels carefully and look for a comprehensive list of ingredients.
  • Some products use words like natural and organic, even though they contain chemicals.
  • Natural and organic don’t mean the same thing. A natural product will contain ingredients found in nature, while an organic product will contain ingredients grown without pesticides or GMOs.
  • Look for a brand with a good reputation, and that is transparent about where ingredients come from.

How to Get the Most Out of Natural Skincare Products

You need to adopt a skincare routine that is adapted to your unique needs and to your skin type. Using natural products or learning how to make your own creams and scrubs at home will help reduce your exposure to chemicals that could irritate your skin.

However, you should still pay attention to the way your skin reacts to natural ingredients. Essential oils and natural butter can be irritating if you have sensitive skin.

Think about getting help from a professional who can recommend the best treatments for your needs. Remember that consistency is important. You will get results if you commit to a skincare routine and hydrate and cleanse your skin on a regular basis.

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