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Preparing Your Skin for the Winter

Jack Frost may be nipping at your nose, but he doesn’t have to nip at your skin. The winter season means flakey, itchy, dry and scaly skin — but with the proper routine, your skin can not only survive, but thrive during the dry season. Spa MD provides products and treatments for the troublesome winter months.

The transition from the summer to fall means some of our favorite things. Sweater weather, football season and pumpkin spice just to name a few. But while your swapping out summer colors for fall tones, you’re also going to need to make some changes to your skin care routine to prepare for the dry season.

As the moisture starts abandoning the air, it also leaves your skin high and dry. That’s why it’s especially important to keep your skin hydrated during these months. Your skin’s natural oils are a precious commodity, so make sure you’re giving your face, hands and feet the love they deserve.

Here are some great ways to take care of your skin during the dry season:

1. Drink water

This one is easy, just chug some water. Ok, don’t chug the water, but during the winter season people often forget to hydrate because they’re not sweating up a storm. So make sure you’re getting enough hydration to benefit your skin from the inside out.

2. Use sunscreen

We know what you’re thinking, and yes we’re serious. UV rays don’t discriminate on the seasons. These ray are just as harmful, is not more harmful during the winter season. Not only does exposure to UV happen from the sky, but also reflection off the snow.

Get a sunscreen that is infused with moisturizer for double the protection.

3. Get a facial

Yes, facials are a great way to treat yourself. But they are also a way to treat your skin. Facials help hydrate your skin during such a demanding season. Looking good and feeling great should apply to you, and your skin.

4. Skin hydration products

There are so many incredible skin hydrating serums, oil based scrubs and moisturizers that can benefit you and your skin as the summer season comes to an end. The best products also have UV protection properties as well for double the effect. Colorescience is a trusted and recommended brand with some amazing solutions.

Don’t let the winter time get you down. Make sure you’re taking the right precautions and steps this year to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.


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