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March 14, 2019
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Springtime Skincare Tips

It’s almost over. The dreaded dry winter months are almost behind us which means it’s time to revive that gorgeous skin that may have struggled during the cold.

The seasonal shifts, especially in the harsh winters we have up here in the midwest require a more active approach to skincare. You will probably be putting away your coats and switching them out for your new summer threads soon.

The same way you transition clothing, you have to transition your skincare products and routines as well. Going from cold and dry to warm and humid changes the way our skin reacts. For example, natural oils come back out to play again in the springtime — which means your skin will need a slightly different approach for that summer glow you’re craving.

Here are our tips for the biggest changes and products you need to pay attention to come summertime.

Sun Protection

Nothing surprising here. As springtime rolls in we’re going to be getting more sunshine and you know what that means. Yes, SPF protection is essential in your skin care ingredients.

If you want to preserve your skin’s health and prevent aging — you are going to need to take some preventative measures.

If you use makeup (but even if you don’t), a minimum of 30 SPF should be a nice baseline. Colorescience has a wide variety of products, ranging from foundations and mascara — to sunscreen and brow kits. They really do have it all, and all of their products offer great protection from the sun.


Winter does a number on our skin and exfoliating becomes a necessity. We all know the risks of over exfoliating though and that can leave our skin even drier and irritable. Basically, winter makes our skin unhappy.

But during the warmer months, we have a chance to let out the real glow. There’s not really a one-size-fits-all exfoliator, but we have some recommendations.

  • Find a gentle exfoliating scrub
  • Look for natural ingredients
  • 2-3 times a week is enough

Eye Cream

We know, you’re not an old lady yet. But the best way to avoid aging is taking preventative measures — and during the summer months, our skin is the most susceptible to aging. We all love the sun but unfortunately, our skin does not.

The skin around our eyes is super thin and your normal moisturizer may be a little too much for such a delicate area.

Looking for moisturizers that are specifically eye creams is your best bet. They are made to naturally smooth out fine lines and give you naturally younger looking eyes.

Natural Makeup

This isn’t really summer-specific, but natural makeup is a great transition for anyone looking to improve the overall condition of their skin all year round.

Mineral makeup is a great option, especially ones without parabens. We know there are almost endless options with makeup, but when it comes to skincare it’s essential that you pay close attention to possibly harmful or skin irritating ingredients.

Oh, and don’t forget to take it off at night!

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