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5 Face Treatments You Can Try This Winter

Five Winter Face Treatments

There aren’t too many people out there who claim to be “winter people.” That said, the cold weather season is a great time to catch up on your winter facial specials. Instead of sitting inside dwelling on the fact that it’s freezing out, pamper yourself with some of these winter skin treatments.

1. Salt Facial

Sea salt plays a significant role in helping us balance, maintain, and repair our skin. When the weather is brisk, and the air is cold and dry, it can do a number on your skin. One of the best winter facials is a salt facial.

Most salt facials use a three-step process to help refresh your skin and leaving it feeling baby butt soft.

Himalayan salt is a popular disinfectant that works to detoxify and clean out all your dead skin cells. After you clean your skin out, it’s time to increase the circulation so you can open your skin up to all the nutrients. This process uses an ultrasonic massage.

After that, experts will use LED phototherapy, which is light therapy that repairs damaged skin and activates collagen. This step in the facial renews skin and improves the texture and tone of it overall. The entire process revitalizes your skin and makes it appear more vibrant and healthy.

We offer custom facials, and we assure you, it will be one of the most relaxing experiences of your life. We’ll assess your unique and individual needs and go from there.

Our facials help you look and feel younger, but they also help your skin stay healthy and hydrated, which is the key to looking young.

We offer two 60 minute facial options consisting of the following:


  •  Obagi Cleanser to clean and hydrate the skin
  •  Glymed Exfoliating mask
  •  Our clinicians assess your needs for extractions
  •  Glymed treatment mask
  • We end with Obagi hydration and sunscreen


There is also the platinum option:

  • Obagi Cleanser to clean and hydrate the skin
  • Glymed Exfoliating mask
  • Our clinicians assess your needs for extractions
  • Glymed treatment mask
  • We end with Obagi hydration and sunscreen
  • Plus we use Oxygen Exfoliating Foam (Glymed product)


2. Collagen Stimulation

The many facial treatments you can get done during the winter help with the cold winter air. Some don’t have as much to do with the cold but more to do with the extra free time we might have during the winter. Once we get past the holidays, often, we’re not left with a whole lot more to do. Why not stimulate the collagen in your face to help reduce aging and wrinkles?

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, there is a non-invasive treatment using radiofrequency to stimulate your collagen production. When this happens, it improves skin laxity to tighten areas of your body that might need a bit of help.

Many people use this technology to soften wrinkles and reduce the effects of aging on the face. Overall, it gives your face a younger, more joyful appearance. The best thing about these winter skin treatments is that they don’t require any downtime.

Immediately following the procedure, you can go back to your normal life as you would. While you’re going through the motions of life, the stimulation is still working to tighten your skin and reduce your wrinkles.

Having this type of procedure regularly is a great and natural way to help improve the quality of your skin without having to go through any complicated surgeries.

3. Laser Resurfacing

Everyone has winter skincare tips, and the best one we can give you is to get laser resurfacing done every few years. This popular skincare procedure helps reduce the effects that aging has on the skin.

During the warm weather months, we spend a lot of time out in the sun. When this happens, the sun’s UV rays continue to beat down on us. We may not notice some of the harmful effects right away, but our skin does.

The skin’s surface becomes damaged and brittle, and when this happens, we develop sun spots and wrinkles.

Laser resurfacing can help with anything related to damaged skin. We have even seen this procedure work for reducing the appearance of superficial scars.

In addition to helping with wrinkles and age spots, it can also help reduce some of the following concerns:


  • Acne scars
  • Brown spots
  • Uneven pigmentation


Skin resurfacing uses a laser to dissolve molecular bonds of damaged skin cells to provide a smoother and cleaner looking skin. If there is one skincare procedure, you want to take care of everything; this is the one you want.

4. Laser Hair Removal

The only permanent way to remove hair is through laser hair removal. If you’re tired of tweezing and waxing your hair, this is the best solution for you. It’s a common procedure performed every day in the United States.

Laser hair removal works by sending a beam of concentrated light into the skin and hair follicles. When this happens, the pigment in the skin absorbs the light, which destroys the hair. It’s a simple procedure that has plenty of scientific testing behind it.

The procedure is safe, effective, and fast at removing unwanted hair. Here are some of the benefits of laser hair removal:


  • You can use it anywhere on your body
  • Proven safe and easy
  • It’s a quick procedure
  • You can immediately go back to your normal life
  • You can throw your razors away!


If you’re sick of dealing with stubborn hair on your face and body, laser hair removal is the way to go.

5. Chemical Peels

Another excellent strategy for reducing the effects of aging is to remove the outermost layer of damaged skin to smooth out the texture. This process is similar to laser resurfacing, but there are different methods and applications used.

There are many different levels of chemical peels to address the unique needs of the individual. We can help you decide on what type of winter facial specials you want to use this year.

We have some mild chemical peels that focus on improving the appearance of acne scars and sun damage. Other heavy peels penetrate deep into the skin to soften wrinkles and even remove skin cancer-related growths.

All our chemical peels are perfectly safe and effective at reducing the appearance of many facial skin ailments.

During the consultation, we run you through an assessment to make sure we don’t leave any stone unturned. Once you decide that a chemical peel is the right choice, we’ll help you determine the type of peel you want for your needs.

We have seen chemical peels work wonders for many people and even change lives by instilling confidence in the individual. Why not take this winter to make a difference in your life?

Final Thoughts

There’s no better time than now to start with the face treatments winter demands of you. The cold and brittle air does a number on your skin, so make the most of these cold months and take care of your skin now!

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