Does Botox Hurt?
Does Botox Hurt?
July 10, 2017
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July 22, 2017
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Botox Vs. Dysport

Botox vs. Dysport

Botox Vs. Dysport: Which is Better?
Appearance is one thing: experience is quite another. Both Botox and Dysport reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles around eyes and across the brow, but does one or the other do a better job? The reality is that when thinking of Botox Vs. Dysport they are both neurotoxins (a form of botulinum toxin type A) so they work essentially the same. However, there are some small differences in how they affect the skin and facial muscles and understanding those differences can help consumers make the best choice for their face and skin.

How Botox and Dysport Are Alike
A trained medical professional injects each substance into the targetted facial area where it prevents the underlying muscle from contracting. Without that contraction, the skin lying over the muscle also relaxes, which eases the tension that creates lines and wrinkles.
The effects of both substances are temporary, and users usually seek subsequent treatments every three to six months.

How Botox and Dysport Differ
The formulation of each separate solution is different from the other. Dysport is more diluted than Botox, so users switching from Botox to Dysport will need more units injected per treatment. The differing dilution does nothing to reduce the effect or impact of Dysport, however. People, both patients and medical professionals, can’t tell the difference between the two when evaluating the results of treatments on patient faces.
The Dysport molecules are also smaller than those of Botox, so Dysport diffuses through the facial tissues differently than Botox. Dysport spreads through a wider area than does Botox, so fewer injections may be needed to cover the same area as Botox injections. For this reason, some professionals recommend Botox for smaller areas where more precision might be beneficial.

What Does the Study Say?
In the only known study that attempted to compare the two treatments, in 2011, researchers injected subjects with Botox on one side of their face and with Dysport on the other side, specifically targeting crow’s feet lines. Only when study subjects contracted their facial muscles could any difference be seen, and Dysport appeared to do a better job reducing the appearance of those side-eye wrinkles. When relaxed, no one could tell which side had the Botox and which had the Dysport.

Botox and Dysport Each Promise Beautiful Results
No matter which wrinkle treatment you choose, both Botox or Dysport will return your face to its youthful beauty.

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