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June 26, 2017
Botox vs. Dysport
Botox Vs. Dysport
July 14, 2017
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Does Botox Hurt?

Does Botox Hurt?

Gain Pain-free Beauty with Botox
Almost everyone over a certain age has fine lines around or frown lines between their eyes. Some people, however, seem to have breezed into mid-life with the smooth, satiny skin of their youth. For them, maintaining that youthful countenance is as simple as a Botox treatment administered every few months. For the envious others, fear of pain during Botox treatments may be holding them back from getting the same, wrinkle-free, beautiful face. The reality: those fears of pain are ungrounded. So when answering the question “Does Botox Hurt”, the answer is…No!

Botox Treatments are Virtually Pain-Free
In 1989, the FDA approved Botox-A for use as a medical treatment for wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. Botox-A (also known as Botox) is an injected muscle relaxant that paralyzes and relaxes facial muscles. After the injection, the muscles relax their tension, which, in turn, relaxes the skin covering them. The result is the diminishment of lines and wrinkles in those areas where most people are highly sensitive – the face, the eyes, and the forehead.

Minimal or No Pain at the Injection Site
An extremely fine-gauged needle is used to administer Botox directly into the skin surrounding the eye and across the forehead so no incisions or surgery is necessary. The fineness of the needle means it causes almost no pain as it enters the skin, and the Botox fluid itself causes no pain once injected. People who are unwilling to experience any sensation during treatment can numb the targetted areas with ice before the treatment begins. Each Botox treatment takes only 10 to 20 minutes in the comfort of the professional medical office like the one at Spa MD.

Common Sense Care Enhances Effects
Most people who get Botox injections return to their normal lives immediately, with no side or after effects. Noticeable results are usually visible within a day or two. The relaxed, youthful appearance lasts as long as four months, and pain-free Botox treatments can help prevent the development of fine lines over time.

Pain-Free Botox Enhances Youthful Beauty
Because it causes no pain either at its injection site or after it has been injected, Botox is the perfect treatment to calm and smooth fine lines on the face, around the eyes, and across the brow. After reading this article ask yourself again, does Botox hurt? Schedule an appointment with us today Does Botox Hurt

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