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September 26, 2017
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Laser Hair Removal for Men

If statistics are any proof, the market for men’s grooming supplies and services is booming. Even Google has noticed the growth of the sector; the tech giant has identified “male grooming” as one of four key trends to watch in the overall “beauty” industry in 2018 and beyond.
Hair Removal for Men
Hair removal for men is the top service driving the men’s grooming industry, generating $732 million in 2016 just through sales of razors and blades. However, because shaving is less than satisfactory as a hair removal solution, many men (and their companions) choose laser hair removal as the optimal way to achieve hair removal for men.
“Manscaping” as a Healthy Lifestyle Choice
There are many reasons why men choose to remove some or all of the hair off their bodies:
Their partners prefer it
Both male and female partners are influential on the decision to remove body hair. Men grow hair in many places that women do not – the back, feet, and even the butt. Their partners may not enjoy the sensation of all that fuzz. And, while some people luxuriate in the thick, lush cushion of hair sported on many male chests, others find it distracting or even uncomfortable.
It is Tidier
The “unkempt” look isn’t for everyone and rarely works all the time. Even a simple trim of the eyebrows improves the “finished” look of the well-dressed man. That same sense of “finish” is accomplished by trimming or removing any excessive or unwanted hair, wherever on the body it grows.
Why Shaving is Losing Popularity
Despite the sales of shaving supplies, many men are unhappy with shaving as their sole choice of hair removal:
• It’s temporary. Shaving only removes hair for a short period.
• It’s time-consuming. Daily shaving is a chore that many men would prefer to drop.
• It can cause serious injuries. Cuts and nicks in the skin caused by shaving can become infected.
Laser Hair Removal Solves the Shaving Problem
Laser hair removal for men uses a laser light to penetrate the hair shaft and kill the hair root. While the follicle remains (where hair growth begins), regrowth is much slower, so the effects of Laser hair removal last much longer than shaving and are sometimes permanent.
Laser hair removal for men can be accomplished in as few as eight treatments, leaving skin soft, smooth, and touchable.

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