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Removing Brown Spots on Faces

Both time and life affect the skin, which often develops blemishes and brown spots caused by exposure to the sun and other adverse conditions. Dark spots, hyperpigmented areas of skin, commonly occur in middle-aged women. They cause dismay and sometimes embarrassment when they develop on the face. Fortunately, there are newly developed methods for removing brown spots from face that leave the skin renewed and refreshed, as well as younger looking.
What Causes Brown Spots on Faces?
Many of life’s circumstances can cause brown spots on faces and other areas of the body:
Sun exposure
Perhaps the biggest culprit that causes brown spots on faces is the sun. Solar UVA and UVB rays trigger the tanning (melanin) response but also cause damage or disease that the skin can’t repair.
Hormones and genetics
Some people are more prone to developing brown spots because of their genetic makeup. Brown spots on faces of women are often caused by the hormonal activity generated by taking contraceptives and during pregnancy and menopause.
Disease or Injury
Many skin diseases appear initially as a brown spot. The sun triggers many skin diseases, but some develop as abnormalities of the hair follicles, and others are thought to be caused by using certain types of deodorants. Scarring due to injuries to the skin also often results in brown spots.
Avoiding Development of Brown Spots on Faces
Preventing direct exposure to sunlight is one of the best ways to avoid developing brown spots later in life. Using full coverage sunscreen, and staying out of direct sun during the hottest times of the day provides appropriate protection for the skin.
Other skin protectants include:
• caster oil or aloe vera applied directly to the skin;
• ingesting Green Tea extracts and vitamin E to reduce free radicals in the skin, and
• obtaining laser treatments to destroy the melanin-generating cells that produce the skin-darkening pigment.
How Laser Treatments Work
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial therapy penetrates deep into the skin to stimulate circulation and collagen development, which constrict the skin, removing or reducing the brown spots from faces. The treatment is painless, with little or no post-treatment discomfort. In addition to brown spots, IPL photofacial also addresses blotches, freckles, and wrinkles.

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