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The Obagi Nu Derm System

Obagi Nu Derm

As the nation ages, so does its skin, and today’s aging “Baby Boomers” aren’t content to let their accumulating years show on their faces. The Obagi Nu Derm System is revolutionizing how America’s blossoming 50+ population will be keeping its youthful appearance for years to come.

What is the Obagi Nu Derm Skin System?
Obagi Nu Derm uses a mixture of prescription-strength hydroquinone and zinc oxide to help the skin heal from years of sun damage and aging. The hydroquinone blocks the process that leads to skin discoloration, which shows up on the skin as dark spots and freckles. The medicine suppresses the melanocyte metabolic process which reduces the development of discolored pigmentation. The zinc oxide is a powerful sun screen that deflects the sun’s rays away from the skin and blocks the UVA and UVB rays that cause the skin to darken. Zinc oxide is the preferred screen to use because of its non-allergenic and non-irritating properties.
The Obagi Nu Derm cream also contains several other ingredients that offer benefits to the skin. Glycerin, an emollient, moisturizes the skin and helps prevent dry, scaly, rough or itchy patches. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is also added to Obagi Nu Derm to protect the skin from damage caused by pollutants and environmental hazards. Many physicians recommend a Vitamin C application for their radiation patients.

What Does Obagi Nu Derm Do for the Skin?
The Obagu Nu Derm system is designed to heal the skin from the inside out. Its unique composition helps improve skin health at the cellular level, which extends how long the rejuvenation lasts. Designed to target the visible effects of aging, such as wrinkles, changes in tone or texture, and uneven pigmentation, Obagi Nu Derm reaches all layers of the skin to heal it from the bottom up. Some people may be sensitive to the ingredients in Obagi Nu Derm.
Obagi Nu Derm also impacts erythema, the reddening of the skin that occurs when tiny blood capillaries dilate and release minute blood particles under the skin. Because the Obagu Nu Derm System contains prescription-strength medications, it is only available through physicians, medical spas, and other professional health care facilities.

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