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What is a Medical Spa?

Medical Spa's

Until recently, a day at “the spa” meant a pedicure and a massage. Changes in the industry, however, have opened doors to new treatments and even a new label for the enhanced spa facility: the “medical spa.”

Today, people who ask, “what is a medical spa?” might be surprised to find that medical spas offer much more than their “mani-pedi” predecessors, having added a variety of skin care, aesthetic, and cosmetic procedures that provide healthy beauty benefits in a calming and relaxing setting.

Customers at the medical spa receive skin resurfacing, smoothing, and hair removal services that lighten and brighten their appearance without the need to take a trip to a medical clinic.  Med Spas are local, so when you’re in Minnesota, you’d want a Minneapolis medical spa the same way you’d want a Kansas City med spa for Kansas City Botox treatment.

Typical Medical Spa Treatments

People who ask, “what is a medical spa?” often find that the list of available treatments is lengthy and comprehensive. Most are designed to enhance the appearance of youth in skin at any age:

Microdermabrasion – Today’s microdermabrasion treatments use tiny grains to scrub away the dead, dull surface layer of the skin, and reveal the newer, fresher skin beneath. The effects are instantaneous and can last for months.
Skin Resurfacing – A deeper treatment than a dermabrasion, the resurfacing procedure addresses both the dullness of the aging surface layer, as well as the uneven skin pigmentation and sun damage that offers occurs in older people. Scars and pockmarks from childhood or adolescence can be reduced or eliminated with skin resurfacing treatments.
Botox – This prescription medication is injected into lines and wrinkles on the face to relax the underlying muscles and consequently relax the lines and wrinkles, too. The effect is almost immediate and can last for months.
Dermal Fillers – Thin lips plump up, and fine lines and wrinkles vanish when injected with chemical or natural collagen. The substances add structure to the underlying skin tissue, and the effect of the filler can last for up to 18 months.
Laser Hair Removal – Many people have laser hair removal to eliminate the unwanted hair from their face, arms, and body, making this a very popular treatment at the medical spa.
To find answers to your “what is a medical spa?” question, contact SpaMD.net to find out for yourself.

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