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What’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

First popularized by Kim Kardashian in a 2014 episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial has taken the skincare and beauty communities by storm in the past couple years. The skin rejuvenating procedure gets its name from the process, which involves drawing blood from your arm, separating the platelets, and injecting it back into the skin of your face.

The concept of a PRP facial might sound a little far-fetched, but the benefits are very real. In this post, we’re answering all your most pressing questions about PRP facials: what they are, why they’re so popular, and what benefits you can expect.

What’s a Platelet Rich Plasma Facial?

A PRP facial is essentially microneedling using PRP, or platelet rich plasma. In microneedling, a clinician uses a dermapen to put carefully controlled micro-punctures in the top layer of your skin. The process stimulates your body’s natural healing process, promoting cell turnover and collagen production, both of which have an anti-aging effect.

In a this facial, PRP is extracted from your blood using a centrifuge before being injected back into your skin via microneedling. PRP contains five times more platelets, growth factors, and active proteins that boost your body’s tissue regeneration and healing processes.

When the PRP is injected into your skin, it initiates a local stem cell response that prompts your stem cells to recruit collagen-producing fibroblasts that replace damaged skin with healthy tissue—resulting in healthy, rejuvenated skin.

So what’s the difference between PRP facials and microneedling?

Both procedures prevent or even reverse aging, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve acne scars and stretch marks, and enhance skin texture. They both accomplish these effects by using micro-punctures to stimulate your body’s natural healing process and promote cell turnover.

However, PRP facials have the added benefit of infusing your skin with PRP. The enhanced growth factors and healing properties of PRP will maximize hydration, boost fresh collagen production, tighten skin, improve crow’s feet and dark circles, and can even stimulate hair growth to help with hair restoration.

Why does my skin look red after a PRP facial?

Aside from the fact that the process starts with drawing blood from your arm, the PRP facial earns its name for the red sheen your skin will have following the procedure. That sheen is the residue of the PRP mixed with your blood.

You’re supposed to leave the PRP on the surface of your skin for 12-24 hours before washing it off in order to gain the most benefit. Wash it off using a gentle cleanser and follow-up with broad-spectrum sunscreen— your skin will be more sensitive and vulnerable following the facial. You can resume your normal skincare routine within about one week of your PRP facial.

What are the benefits of PRP facials?

PRP facials have a wide variety of benefits for your skin, which is what makes them so popular. The primary benefit of the facial is that it stimulates collagen production. Your body stops producing your natural collagen after age 25, so fresh collagen formation is important for preventing the effects of aging and for retaining the youthful, supple look of your skin.

PRP facials are also an excellent treatment for anyone with acne scarring or pigmentation because the process breaks up scar tissue and promotes deeper healing. You’ll also notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved appearance of age spots and sun damage, and reduced redness or rosacea.

Experiencing the benefits of a PRP facial is not an overnight process. You’ll notice a healthy glow in the first few days after your facial, but it will take a few weeks for the real benefits become visible. Within three to six weeks, you should start seeing a huge increase in skin hydration and noticing fresh collagen and blood vessels starting to form. Around the three to six month mark, you should start to notice an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles.

PRP facial benefits take a while to show up, but they have a lasting impact.

Twin Cities PRP Facial

Interested in trying a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facial for yourself? Schedule a free PRP facial consultation with one of our expert technicians to discuss your needs. During the consultation, your technician will answer any lingering questions you may have about the process of getting a PRP facial and what you can expect afterward.

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