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Removing Crows Feet With Botox

Everyone, young and old, gets temporary crow’s feet—a wrinkling of the skin around your eyes—when they smile or laugh. But it’s only around age 40 that we start to see those temporary wrinkles become permanent features.

Some people embrace these wrinkles. On the right face, crow’s feet can make a person look dignified or perpetually amused. But some of us are less comfortable with our crow’s feet. We’d rather smooth the wrinkles back out to their youthful suppleness.

You can prevent and soothe the appearance of crow’s feet with various eye creams—and many of us do. But sometimes eye creams just aren’t enough. Fortunately, there’s an effective non-surgical alternative: Botox.

Botox is a Popular and Safe Treatment for Wrinkles

Botox is a household name in the United States. It is a noninvasive injectable treatment that medically reduces the appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles. Over six million Botox treatments are administered in the United States every year.

It takes just a few minutes to perform the Botox procedure, and it is extremely safe when conducted by our expert clinicians here at Spa MD. The effects of the treatment will be visible within a day, and will last for up to three months.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox, short for botulinum toxin A, is a compound that relaxes the muscles in your face, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Repetitive muscle contractions are what cause wrinkles to form around your eyes. Botox works by essentially stopping those contractions. Botulinum toxin A blocks the chemical signal that travels from your nerves to your muscles, telling them to move. So when you do smile or squint, the skin around your eyes will stay smooth rather than wrinkling.

Used early on, botulinum toxin A will keep your muscles relaxed so that they can’t begin to form the embedded folds that will eventually become wrinkles. Even when used later on, the injections will halt this process and begin to reverse the effects. So Botox treatments not only turn back the clock on your skin but will actually prevent future wrinkles from forming.

Minimally Invasive, Minimal Risk

Botox is a minimally invasive treatment administered through several injections into the target muscle group. The injections are no more painful than a small prick, and the procedure lasts just 15 minutes.

There is no recovery time after Botox treatment. While you shouldn’t get a facial, drink excessively, or hit the gym right afterward, you can continue to go about your day as normal.

Botox has been used as a treatment for wrinkles—along with other symptoms such as underarm sweating and chronic migraines—for many years now and has been proven safe and effective. In the hands of our clinicians, the procedure is perfectly safe.

At Spa MD, we use a pure form of botulinum toxin A, further eliminating the risk for botulism when administered by our expert clinicians.

Botox Treatment for Crow’s Feet

Botox is a highly effective treatment to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines. During the procedure, the clinician makes six to eight injections around the outer rim of the eye socket. The Botox paralyzes the muscles to remove any wrinkles. You will start to see the effects of the treatment within a day, and they will last almost three months. Treatment should be repeated regularly to maintain wrinkle-free appearance.

You may feel some slight numbness after the procedure and in some cases may experience some limited mobility around your eyes, but the wrinkles that form at the corner of our eyes aren’t used to send social signals, so any stiffness will only be noticeable to you—not to anyone else.

Botox is a particularly effective treatment for crow’s feet because the formula actually trains the muscles to relax, so the treatment actually becomes more effective over time as your muscles become accustomed to relaxing. Some patients find they need fewer injections with each successive treatment.

Why Choose Spa MD For Your Minneapolis Botox Treatment?

At Spa MD, Botox treatments are performed by our staff of certified technicians, so they are very safe. We use the latest injectable technology for our treatments, guaranteeing you the best results in Minneapolis.

When you make an appointment for Botox crow’s feet treatment, we will start with a thorough assessment to evaluate your needs and answer your questions. Once you decide that our injectable treatment is right for you, we’ll go ahead and schedule our appointment. Contact us to schedule your Botox assessment today.

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