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Things to Consider Before Tattoo Removal

things to consider before tattoo removal

The history of tattoos dates back to thousands of years when people would ink their skin for religious or spiritual reasons. To date, people feel inclined toward getting a tattoo for either aesthetic or symbolic purposes.

However, many people are skeptical of tattoos because of their permanency. But technology is advancing with every passing day, and tattoos no longer have to be permanent.

If you want to get rid of an unwanted tattoo you feel embarrassed about now or perhaps make room for another, a tattoo removal procedure using advanced laser technology is a safe and effective option for people of all skin types.

What Is a Tattoo Removal Procedure?

Tattoo removal is a process that has come a long way in recent years. In the past, the only option for removing a tattoo was to have it surgically removed, which involved cutting the tattooed skin and stitching the remaining skin together.

However, you can get rid of modern tattoos with minimal pain and discomfort through cutting-edge laser processes. This involves a high-powered laser to break up the ink pigment in the tattoo, making it easier for the body to absorb and eventually remove the tattoo.

The number of treatments required varies depending on the tattoo size and depth, placement of the tattoos, and the type of ink used.

However, most people can expect to see significant fading of their tattoo after just a few treatment sessions.

What to Consider Before Tattoo Removal

What To Consider Before Tattoo RemovalIf you have decided to get rid of a tattoo, scheduling an appointment with a physician at a medical spa or with a tattoo specialist is the next step. A specialist can explain what you can expect during the procedure and deal with the process more professionally than an amateur.

However, you must keep certain things in mind before deciding to go for the removal process. Let’s take a look at what they include.

#1. The Process Takes Multiple Sessions

You might be thinking that the tattoo that no longer means anything to you will be gone after the first session. Lasers are not a quick fix, and tattoos do not disappear after a single treatment.

Tattoo removal treatment plans can span over several months. Multiple sessions will be required to break up the ink beneath the skin, and each session is spaced several weeks apart to allow the skin to heal in-between treatments.

So, if you are looking to get rid of that dragonfly tattoo you now hate, be prepared to commit to 5-10 treatment sessions. Rest assured, the result will be worth it.

#2. Success Depends on the Size and Placement of the Tattoo

The size and placement of the tattoo are the two essential factors that determine whether or not you can get it removed.

Tattoos that are small and located on body parts with a good blood supply, such as near the heart, are the easiest to remove, whereas large tattoos located on body parts with a poor blood supply, like a leg, take much longer to heal.

It might not be possible to remove a tattoo entirely in some cases. However, most laser treatments will lighten the tattoo significantly, making it almost invisible.

#3. It Can Be Costly

Getting rid of a tattoo might cost you an arm and a leg, but if you are determined to get it removed, it may be irrelevant. The cost differs depending on the size and color of the tattoo and the number of treatments required.

However, a single treatment session can cost up to $200 per session, so it is crucial to factor price into your decision before deciding to get uninked.

#4. Laser Removal May Cause Some Pain or Discomfort

Getting your tattoo removed can be uncomfortable and slightly painful because the body’s natural defenses are working to remove the foreign substance from the body.

The pain associated with the process can vary depending on the individual, but it is typically a burning sensation. However, some ice and numbing cream can help alleviate the pain to a great extent.

Some people may also experience swelling, blisters, or bruising around the affected area. That normally subsides a few days after the treatment with the use of ointments and bandages.

#5. It May Leave A Scar

While uncommon, one of the rare risks of tattoo removal is that it could leave a scar or perhaps permanently lighten or darken the skin’s color. The risk of scarring is higher if the tattoo removal was performed by an inexperienced professional and if the person has a history of keloid formation.
Laser Removal Tattoo

Final Thoughts

Tattoo removal is generally a safe, fast, and effective way to remove an unwanted tattoo. However, it is essential to seek treatment from a certified dermatologist or tattoo removal specialist to mitigate any potential risks and side effects of the treatment and get the best results. If you’re interested in speaking with one of our experienced skin care professionals to see if tattoo removal is right for you, contact Spa MD today.

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