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Preventing Dry Skin in Winter

Preventing Dry Skin in Winter

Your skin starts losing moisture and becomes dehydrated as the temperature outside drops and brings with it dry air. Cold weather can be harsh on your skin, and dry skin in winter brings several associated problems and complications.

Skin dryness typically presents as redness, itching, irritation, flakiness, and cracking. Some people experience burning sensations in dry skin.

Untreated dry skin increases your chances of developing conditions like eczema (atopic dermatitis), leading to rashes and infections. So, it is best to adopt some tips for preventing dry skin in winter and avoid costly dermatological treatment due to aggravating symptoms.

If you’re experiencing dry skin symptoms and want to know what you can do to prevent this irritating and often painful condition, this article is for you!

Tips for Preventing Dry Skin In Winter

The following are some potent tips to relieve dry skin in winter:

Use a Moisturizer

Loss of moisture is the major cause of dry skin during winter. Your skin produces oils to keep it hydrated. Washing your body and face strips off the natural oils, removing the protective layer and leaving you with rough and dry skin. The first step to avoid dry skin in winter is to apply a moisturizer after washing to lock in the moisture. That helps maintain a barrier and prevent water loss.

Carefully read the ingredients of moisturizer creams and select the one which contains moisture-friendly ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or ceramides. One leading option to counter dry skin is the Obagi Nu Derm System, a set of products designed to even out skin tones and reduce blemishes.

Avoid Hot Showers

A hot bath can be a welcome respite from the cold of winter. But hot baths can rid the skin of its natural oil and moisture, causing redness, itching, and dryness. Taking a shower with lukewarm water is soothing and will help prevent dry skin by keeping it nourished. Do not rub vigorously to keep the skin hydrated.

Apply Sunscreen

UV light is harmful to your skin and, besides dry skin, can lead to cancer. Less sunlight during the winter days might make you avoid applying sunscreen. However, sunscreens containing sun protective factors (SPF 30) have various benefits and lock moisture in the skin while providing essential sun protection.

Stay Hydrated

Internal hydration is the key to healthy and radiant skin in winter. Research has shown that dietary water intake increases the hydration levels of the skin layer stratum corneum. That improves the elasticity of the skin. You will notice significant reductions in dry skin and roughness.

Wear Gloves

Preventing Dry Skin in WinterCold winter weather can lead to dry skin on your hands, resulting in cracked skin. That is common in individuals living and working in extremely cold environments.

You should wear protective gloves to protect your hands from the chilly winter air. Putting on gloves while washing dishes can also protect hands from prolonged water exposure, a common cause of dry skin.

Avoid Over-Exfoliating

Winter can leave your skin flaky and prone to cracking. Exfoliator creams help remove impurities and dead skin cells to promote skin regeneration. However, frequent exfoliating (more than twice a week) and harsh scrubs can be counterproductive. That’s because they remove natural oils, promoting excessive breakage and dry skin.

Apply Natural Oils

Applying natural oils is a potent treatment to combat dry skin in winter, including dandruff and frizz. Plant-based natural oils are rich sources of fatty acids and vitamins. Coconut and jojoba oil help form a coating over the skin that prevents moisture loss.

For best results, you can add occlusive ingredients to the skincare regimen. These ingredients enhance the physical barrier of the dermal layers regardless of skin type. Shea butter, coconut butter, and petroleum jelly are great options to counter dry skin in winter.

Use a Humidifier

Setting up a humidifier at the right setting (50-60%) will keep adequate moisture levels during winter and help hydrate the outer layer of the skin (epidermis).

Add Emollients to Skincare Routine

Emollient creams help manage scaly and itchy skin. These skincare products are a viable treatment for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Studies show emollient creams help reverse moisture loss in cases of atopic dermatitis and provide excellent results when applied as overnight creams for dry skin.

Who Is at a Greater Risk for Dry Skin in Winter?

Older adults with reduced skin elasticity and barrier strength are more prone to developing dry skin during the winter.

If you frequently clean and wash, you’re more likely to see dry skin. Water strips the body’s natural oils, leaving the skin prone to hydration loss and consequent dryness. Harsh soaps and shampoos also add fuel to injury.

Turn to Spa MD to Relieve Your Dry Skin Today

Preventing Dry Skin in WinterDry skin during winter is a common condition, one that must be treated in time to prevent aggravation. You can prevent dry skin in winter by using moisturizers after washing, emollient creams, and plant-based natural oils. Applying sunscreen and wearing gloves when heading out will keep UV-induced skin dryness at bay.

You can also use dermatological consultants to get expert treatment for dry skin and stay well-hydrated throughout winter. Spa MD offers top-notch services regarding skin health. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now for glowing, radiant, and healthy skin.

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